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Insulate Your Attic to Make Summer a Breeze!

As Floridians, it takes a considerable amount of energy to keep our homes cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. When outside temperatures soar, so do our home cooling costs. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of attic insulation. This is a simple way to make the most of your AC system by preventing conditioned air from escaping the home. With minimal effort, a homeowner can improve energy efficiency, lower utility bills, preserve natural resources, and make their home more comfortable year-round.

Hot Florida sun baking on roof

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website, My Florida Home Energy, more heat per square foot escapes through your ceiling than any other area of a house. They go on to say that “the easiest and most cost-effective way to insulate your home is to add insulation in the attic.” The site provides helpful tips and information on insulation materials and the process of installing them in your home. They also offer several reasons why attic insulation is so important, which we’ve summarized below:

Heat travels from warmer areas to cooler areas

This means that in the summer, the outside air seeks to infiltrate our cool, air-conditioned homes. This includes the air outside seeping in through doors and windows, as well as hot attic air seeping through your ceiling and into your living space. During the few months of the year when our Florida temperatures dip, this same rule applies to the warm air produced by our heaters; it wants to escape our homes.

Heat rises

This universal truth is a no-brainer. Just as wearing a hat can prevent heat from escaping your body, the same is true for the top “appendage” of your home. Think of attic insulation as a fuzzy hat to keep your house from getting chilly.

The roof of your house absorbs heat from the sun

This is especially true of dark colored or black roofs. The surface gets extremely hot during the day, and that heat warms the air in your attic long after the sun sets each night. If you’ve ever wondered why your AC turns on at night, even though outside temperatures have dropped, this may be why.

Since summer is just getting started, now is a great time to assess your home’s unique situation and find ways to improve on it. There are many factors that need to be considered during this task such as type of insulation required and installation strategy. Many homeowners are comfortable completing this job themselves, while others hire a home insulation professional. You can find a reputable list of local contractors on the Better Business Bureau website.

We at New Smyrna Beach Utilities Commission urge our customers and all local residents to adequately insulate their attic space. Along with sealing and insulation of walls and windows, this home improvement can mean big savings on utility bills. It also cuts down on wasted energy. Our natural water and energy resources are interconnected, so lowering energy usage in each home in NSB contributes to preserving our local water reserves as well. We are happy to offer rebates to help offset homeowners’ insulation costs. Please visit our UCNSB website for more information.