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Insulate Your Attic to Make Summer a Breeze!

As Floridians, it takes a considerable amount of energy to keep our homes cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. When outside temperatures soar, so do our home cooling

Hurricane Season Tree Tips

Planting trees around your home is a great way to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. The shade that they provide can shave dollars off of your home cooling costs

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

In last month’s article we discussed ways to collect and recycle rainwater. We provided tips for designing a rain garden in order to make the most of the afternoon thunderstorms

Spring DIYs Bring Summer Savings!

In our beautiful Floridian climate, we are fortunate to have an abundance of sunshine throughout most of the year. The spring season marks the beginning of a surplus of sun

Spring Into Landscaping the Right Way!

Landscaping has a big impact on the appearance of a home or business. That’s why so much time, money and resources are spent making our yards look their best. Luckily,

Tips to Tackle Your Home’s Water & Energy Waste

We all know that minimizing energy and water usage in our homes has a positive impact on our utility bills. We have learned to turn lights off when leaving a

The Water-Energy Connection

While there is much talk about conserving all of our natural resources, a point that is often overlooked is that some are interconnected. Specifically, two critical resources, water and energy,

Electric Vehicles Bring UCNSB Into The Future

In sync with our initiative to develop strategies for sustaining our water and energy resources, the New Smyrna Beach Utilities Commission (UCNSB) has begun adding electric vehicles (EVs) to our